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Medication Refill Requests
​Important Reminders:
  • All medication requests must be called in Monday through Thursday.  Refills that come in after hours on Thursday or on Friday will not be processed until the next business day.  Please do not try to call through the front desk on Fridays.  

  • Make sure to give, at minimum, 3 business days notice.  Providers do not work everyday and this allows time for them to see requests. 

  • If you run out of medication on a Friday or the weekend, you may have to go without it or you can try the ER or Urgent care.  If it is a routine medication, such as your antidepressant, pharmacies may give 3 day loaners to help get you through.  (Lamotrigine, Paroxetine and Effexor are among medications pharmacies may provide a 3 day loaner for.) 

  • You can review our medication policy below.

Greatland Clinical's Medication Policy


Greatland Clinical Associates would like to ask for your cooperation on following our medication refill policy. We remain committed to providing the highest level of care, including helping to ensure medications are refilled in a timely manner. 


As stated in our “Commitments and Expectations,” we need 3-4 business days’ notice when requesting medication refills. Due to limited medical staffing on Fridays, we cannot refill same day requests on this day. Requests received after hours on Thursday or anytime Friday will be tended to the next business day. Please be proactive on Holidays that fall on a Friday or Monday.  Holiday's do not count as a "business day"


Requests needed before the weekend will need to be called in, at the latest, Thursday by noon.  


Please be proactive on Holidays that fall on a Friday or Monday.  Holidays do not count as a "business day."  

We do ask that you continue to leave your requests on Fridays with the understanding that it will be responded to the next business day. We do understand that emergencies arise; if there is a medication emergency please leave your message and the staff will call you back to help or direct you on Fridays.


The on-call pager number is 444-7388. This is for non-life threatening medicallemergencies only. If you are having a non-life threatening medical emergenc please leave your name, date of birth, treatment provider, and nature of your emergency along with your number. Due to limited cell coverage in our great state, if you have not heard back from the on-call physician within six hours, please call again. 


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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