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Judith Dean, PhD

Judith Dean, PhD

Doctor Dean grew up in Louisiana and earned her BSN from Northwestern State University of Louisiana . Her husband's Air Force career offered her opportunity to travel and work in many different settings including pediatric, medical-surgical and psychiatric nursing. She completed her MSNE at the University of Arkansas and taught in the Associate Degree Nursing program at the University of Central Arkansas at Little Rock, worked in nursing administration and as a clinical specialist in oncology nursing at the University of Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson. Her work in oncology nursing motivated her to pursue her Ph.D at the University of Arizona. While in graduate school, she worked as a research assistant/associate in the U of A Cancer Center, Dept. of Ob-Gyn & Dept. of Psychiatry at University Medical Center. After completing her Ph.D., she joined the Psychiatry Department faculty as a Psychologist and focused on psychological testing and mood disorders. She also joined the Cardio-Thoracic Transplant Team where she assessed individuals who were being evaluated for organ transplant and provided pre & post transplant counseling for transplant patients and their families. In 1994, she moved to Alaska to be closer to her family. Since coming to Alaska she has worked in community mental health, independent private practice, psychological assessment, and outpatient psychotherapy. She joined Greatland in 2007.


Judi enjoys working with active duty military personnel and military families, individuals with mood disorders, adults having autism spectrum disorders as well as individuals having medical problems.

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